Wooden Ships and Deadly Seas


    This book contains historical narratives of true adventures on the Great Lakes. There is no fiction here, no names were changed and no events were concocted - when you read about someone and what happened to them it is real. You see, there is not reason to make up any drama - the events themselves as documented in the sources used to recreate the narratives are exciting and dramatic enough on their own to thrill the reader. There was no need to make up any of the stories, because they tell themselves. 

    Above all it is the author's job to tell the stories of the obscure events and the forgotten adventures of the lakes and to take you, the reader, there. To place your feet on the deck timbers, to put you on the open lake clinging to a single piece of wreckage amid towering waves of ice water and screaming frigid winds. As you read you will find your feet walking the lakeshore mid uncut forests as you seek refuge, or perhaps you may find yourself hearing evidence in an 1848 trial for three mariners facing manslaughter charges. Let these pages be the amazing machine that teleports you through time and space and places you amid the adventures documented here.