A Traveler's Guide to Michigan Wineries, Cideries & Meaderies


Michigan is stepping up to take its place as one of the finest wine regions in the country, and its wineries have won accolades in competitions around the world.  Its cideries and meaderies are also making waves as they step onto the international stage. It's time to celebrate them, and the only way to do it justice is to visit them in person.  This book guides you to nearly 200, from the famous to the unknown, and everything in between.

Inside, colorful photos hit at what you'll see alongside all the details to get your journey started.  A brief description of options available for visitors is also included - outdoor seating, food, tours of the winery and production area, and the types of wines, meads, and hard cider offered.  The book is divided into fives sections and maps make it easy to spot nearby destinations.  You'll be able to plan visits to not just the largest wineries, but also some hidden gems that will make your trip unique.