Under the Radar Michigan: The Next 50


"Under the Radar Michigan" is an Emmy-award winning PBS television series that features the cool people, places and things that make Michigan an awesome place to live, work and play. If you're looking for great Michigan places to explore, vacation, eat, live, start a business, or just relax, this book is for you.

In our second installment, we take you along with us on our "next" 50 episodes and discover cool Michigan cities, interesting people, incredible restaurants, romantic spaces and great places to vacation with the whole family.  You'll climb to the top of the Mackinac Bridge; go cliff diving in Lake Superior; savor the flavor of fantastic foods; ride the North Pole Express; meander through magnificent museums; explore great parks, trails and places to camp; fish the great lakes; meet people making a difference and have unbelievable urban adventures.  You won't believe what's right in your own backyard.