Two-Tracks to Michigan's Past


Welcome to my eleventh volume in the Voyages Into Michigan's Past series. Within, I've assembled a cast of colorful Michigan characters. Enjoy the company of some "strange but true" Michiganders you'll not meet elsewhere: like Albert Whiting who talked to the dead; Samuel Bickley who read the bumps on Flint folks' heads; and Annie Nelles, door knocker and book hawker of the 1860s. Or maybe hop on a fast freight train with Detroit Fatty, Saginaw Slim and the Kalamazoo Kid. 

    Visit Mackinac Island in the heyday of the fur trade with Harriet Martineau, Anna Jameson and other sophisticated literary ladies. Get to know the Husseys of Battle Creek, intrepid Underground Railroad conductors. March with little Johnny Clem, the "Drummer Boy of Chickamauga," and Detroit-born Chaplain Corby who absolved the Irish Brigade at Gettysburg. And return to many another episode in Michigan's vibrant past.