The Witch of November


Wes Olezewski has authored and seen published 20 titles on the Great Lakes and their history since 1990.  From shipwrecks to lighthouses to World War II, his true historical narratives have equated to nearly half a million words on the subject.  Known for digging up the smallest details and putting the puzzle of historic events together that others have overlooked.  He can also tell the story in a way that everyone can easily understand.  Wes takes great delight in doing this job.  It is the detective work and investigation as well as putting the strings together that he really loves.  He often tells readers that he gets to do the fun part of discovery, but he is more than happy to take them along on the adventure once it is all put together.

After a four year layoff of shipwreck writing while he did two World War II books for Avery, Wes is finally back in his element.  His next book, "The Witch of November", begins with a brief outline of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, which he had purposely never written about, because everyone else has already done so, and then he takes us all back in his "word-smith" time machine to learn about other shipwrecks that have taken place on or about the same November 10th calendar page that the Fitz made infamous.  You'll visit in great detail long forgotten shipwrecks and meet people who have not been heard from since the 1800s.  You'll also hear about storms that will make the Fitzgerald gale seem like just a bad weather day in comparison.