The Romance of Michigan's Past


Let me introduce you to a cast of colorful characters who never made it into the traditional history books. They all have two things in common - their destinies became intertwined with that of the Wolverine State - and their exploits make mighty interesting reading. 

Most marched to the sound of a different drummer - some were saints, other rogues - all were eccentrics. Some talked to ghosts, others walked around naked as the day they were born. Some lived in communes - in the 1840s - others rode the wilderness trails on horseback, preaching the gospel at the top of their lungs - while still others rode the rails to hobo jungles.

Sit back and let me tell you some true stories about factory belles and ladies of the night, private eyes and literary con men, mediums and mesmerists, mystic medics and early crusaders against the "tobacco abomination." We'll experience adventures aplenty, including train wrecks, Arctic exploration, stagecoach rides, seances, nudist colony raids and an 1875 balloon ascension.