The Grand Haven Area 1905-1975 (in Vintage Postcards)


By the start of the 20th century, the Grand Haven area had begun to establish itself as a desirable vacation, spot, as well as the center of a vigorous manufacturing base.  Trains, stately steamers, and private automobiles brought visitors to the resorts of their choice, while many new companies joined other well-established firms, broadening employment opportunities for local workers.

it was a time of significant change, and the picture postcard helped record those changes.  In this book, a companion to The Grand Haven Area: 1860-1960, the history of Grand Haven and the surrounding area is revealed through picture postcards.  Lakeshore scenes, resorts, and cottages are paired with images of bridges, streets, homes, and people at work and play to document a remarkable era of originality, enjoyment, and progress.