The Best of Wes


Over the many years of researching and writing about shipwrecks and rescues on the Great Lakes, the author has built a huge following of loyal readers around the country.  His initial book, Stormy Seas was published by Avery Color Studios, Inc. in 1992, the very next year Sounds of Disaster was published.  The research continues to this day and is always turning up new and interesting information that amazes and sometimes bewilders the author.  Many times research shows new information on an incident previously written about that causes the story to change.  

The stories selected for this "Best of Wes" are some of his favorites.  You will be transported back in time and be lost in some of the unbelievable accounts of both heartbreak and heroism.  The fact that all of the stories are true and actually happened is even more amazing.  Walk the beaches at night with the Life Saving Service patrol, ride the waves in a rescue boat, relive saving countless lives and the loss of others, these stories will put you in the action.