Strange and Unusual Shipwrecks on the Great Lakes


Any shipboard disaster is a tragic event.  Vessels, crew, cargo and passengers can be lost.  Yet the cause and results of some Great Lakes maritime mishaps are interesting and educational due to conditions that surround the event.

Shipwrecks are the result of many causes.  Some are mysterious in nature.  They might be surrounded by strange occurrences.  Still others are maritime events that are weird, bizarre or foolish.

A mysterious event might include a ship that shoved off from the dock never to be seen again.  They simply sail off into oblivion, leaving no telltale debris trail, no clue as to their demise, and all that remains are questions.

Other strange wrecks involve maritime events of unusual circumstances, such as freakish weather patterns strangely recurring events or other unique and unusual situations.

There are also shipwreck accounts. which leave the observer scratching their head wondering, "What were they thinking?"

All accidents involving vessels on the Great Lakes are terrible and tragic.  The intent of this book is not to make light of someone's loss, but rather to educate others how the maritime disasters have occurred.