Running Dark


(#4 in Woods Cop series)  Twenty-five years before Grady Service solved the Ice Hunter case, Service faced his first case chasing criminals out of the U.P.'s Garden Peninsula.  We go back in time to witness Service solve his first big case as a young conservation officer.  Still fresh from his deployment to Vietnam, he's back on his home turf now and is excelling at his new job.  His boss taps him for an unusual assignment.  The U.P.'s Garden Peninsula has always been a lawless place, where armed fishermen claim their takes and give hell to any law enforcement that tries to get in their way.  The renegades far outgun the COs who, understaffed and underfunded, risk their lives to attempt to enforce limits.  Shootouts are common, intimidation reigns, and overfishing continues.  Service goes undercover to expose the leaders of the Garden revolt.  With the aid of a one-legged female informant and lessons of stealth learned in the jungles of Vietnam, Service descends into the land of outlaws.