Within the Covers of this book are the accounts of some of the most notorious serial killers to have ever lived. Infamous murderers of recent times are chronicled like: Ted Bundy, Son of Sam, Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo, the BTK Killer, and the Green River Killer, serial murderers who terrorized men and women around the world.

    Also in the book are chapters that detail the crimes of murderous nurses, Kristen Gilbert and Charles Cullen, who combined, are suspected in the deaths of hundreds of patients entrusted in their care, and some of the most heinous killers from Europe, Asia and Russia.

    Included is the account of two of the most psychologically bizarre serial killers in America's history, Ottis Toole and Jeffrey Dahmer. These two serial killers not only tortured and murdered their victims they also ate them. Discover in more detail why these serial killers were the most notorious.