Potawatomi Tears and Petticoat Pioneers


    Sit back and let me entertain you with some true stories calculated to appeal to all who feel a romantic attachment to these two great peninsulas. Relive the tragic era when soldiers herded Potawatomi families from their beloved Michigan domain to the treeless prairies beyond the Mississippi. Hear pioneer women relate in their own words ordeals experienced in little log cabins amid the solitude of the big trees. Gallop through shot and shell of Civil War battles with other Michigan belles who served as nurses, spies, and disguised as soldiers. Brave the big waves of Lake Superior as a howling blow from the north strikes Whitefish Point - "The Graveyard of the Great Lakes."

    Stalk the state's first celery grower. Listen to the likes of whiskey-voiced preacher George Wills and a host of other 19th century tipplers who discovered a lucrative pulpit calling when they swapped the bottle for the Bible. Ride along with dedicated saddlebag doctors, fording streams on horseback to visit patients. "Get out and get under" with pioneer motorists. Hop on a train to the Columbian Exposition to view the amazing displays Michigan folks put together. Meet kindly little Father Sifferath, forgotten missionary to the northern Michigan Ottawa, and Dr. Crippen, the cold blooded killer from Coldwater.