Michigan Gold and Silver Mining



Yes! While copper and iron ore are the foundations of Michigan's mineral industry, gold and silver have provided fascinating tales of optimism, perseverance, luck and greed. Both gold and silver have spurred U.O. rushes equally as enthusiastic as the better-known California and Alaska rushes. 

Here in Michigan Gold & Silver, Mining in the Upper Peninsula, Dan Fountain builds on his original work, Michigan Gold, and tells the stories of these quests for the precious metals. Spanning the U.P. in geography and in time, he takes the reader from silver deposits in Wakefield to gold veins in Marquette, from tiny one-man exploration shafts to the mechanized mining of the modern era. 

Delve into the meticulous details that help to pinpoint prospect areas and engage mineral buffs and would-be prospectors. Dig into the stories from the early days when anyone could - and did - become a miner of gold and silver.