H is for Honey Bee


Though small in size at approximately five-eighths of an inch, Apis mellifera, otherwise known as the honey bee, is one of the most important insects on the planet.  Bees are super pollinators, and it is estimated that a third of the food we eat each day can be attributed to bee activity.  And the delicious honey that our winged friends produce makes its way into numerous foods, as well as health and beauty products.  This is one busy bee!

But the health and welfare of honey bees are in dire need of our attention and help.  Habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change are threatening bee colonies around the world.  Helping to better educate readers of all ages, beekeeper and wildlife rehabilitator Robbyn Smith van Frankenhuyzen gives a "behind-the-hive" peek into the fascinating world of the honey bee.  Back matter includes tips on how everyone can work to protect bees and their habitat.