Great Lakes Serial Killers


    This book is a collection of true stories of some of the most horrific crimes to occur in the Great Lakes Region. The text includes Graphic descriptions of murder, rape, mutilation and sexual depravity.

    This book is not for children, those who are squeamish or those who are weak of heart. It is a compilation of true stories of some of the sickest minds to ever live in North America. 

    Men and women, who took pleasure in other's pain, people who killed others without remorse, and deviants who used others for their own perverse sexual gratification are included. 

    These individuals did not murder or practice their depraved acts on the waters of the Great Lakes, rather in the states and Canadian provinces making up the Great Lakes Region. 

    Each section is a recounting of the most shocking and bizarre crimes an individual or individuals perpetrated on others. The subjects of this book are real life mass murderers, serial killers, and rapists.