Grampa's Labyrinth: Journey to Devil's Kitchen


Midsummer's Eve, 2014.  Charlie's little cousin, Charlotte, doesn't believe Grampa's book that related Jack and Charlie's heroic adventure when they traveled back in time to the 1930s.  She's sure it's all a hoax.  She teases, taunts, and tricks Charlie into taking another visit to the labyrinth.  This time the maze transports the five cousins to a far different place:  Mackinac Island, 1823.

Three years ago, Charlie and his older brother Jack walked Grampa's labyrinth and went back in time to the Great Depression.  For three months they raided trash bins for food and slept in abandoned cars for shelter.  They joined hobo camps, did odd jobs, hopped trains - did anything to dodge the dreaded railroad police.  All the time they tried to find their way back to 2011.

And now it's happening again.