Ghost Ships Gales and Forgotten Tales


    None of the stories contained within these pages are of fiction. Each is a narrative of an actual occurrence, the thrilling drama of the ordeal and the tragedy of the losses are real and need no exaggeration. As in my other books, Stormy Seas, Sounds of Disaster (later released as Stormy Disasters) and Ice Water Museum - the tales here will be of the obscure events that have been under-reported or forgotten altogether. 

    The shore-bound Great Lakes observer may be lucky enough to see the silhouette of one of the giant modern oreboats snailing upon the distant horizon. The courses and routes that these contemporary monsters follow have been well traveled by countless mariners for more than a century and a half. In the mid 1800s, it was often difficult to look towards the lakes from any single spot and see less than a half dozen distant boats at any time. Each of these vessels had a crew and each crewperson had a job to do and sometimes while just doing their jobs, these ordinary people found themselves cast into adventures that deserve telling. This book will attempt to do just that.