Forgotten Tales of Michigan's Upper Peninsula


Step up, step inside, and shake hands with the quirky characters who wrote the UP's forgotten history.  "That's the best I've ever seen you look," the barber said to the corpse.  What kind of filthy decedent could inspire such derision?  Learn the answer and read myriad other little-known tales from Michigan's northernmost region.  Find out what happened after an aggrieved husband aimed a gun at his wife's lover and then asked the crowd, "Shall I shoot him?"  Meet the sleeping man who rode the rails without a train.  Discover the truth behind the rumors that one mining town was cursed with the ten plagues of Egypt, and learn why hugs terrified an entire city.  And what were those hairy, bipedal beasts haunting the woods?  Join Yooper Lisa A. Shiel as she brings to the fore these wonderfully offbeat and all-but-forgotten tales from the UP's history,.