Dead of November


Ghosts of those drowned and never recovered are swarming from the depths of Lake Superior.  But the ghosts are not there to haunt the living.  They are being pushed out of the lake by something far more sinister.

Lake Superior is a vast, surreal inland sea, its clear depths scattered with broken ships and pallid bodies preserved in frigid water.  Along its shore lie ghost towns, the crumbling opulence of lumber barons and mining tycoons, and garish Native casinos.

Adam Knowles, a young psychologist working in Indiana, left Sault Ste. Marie years before, after his Ojibwe wife was lost to Superior's hungry water.  Was the drowning an accident?  Unable to find answers, Adam had fled town, but promised his coworker Ron he would come back if ever needed.  Now Ron calls Adam back, at first not revealing the extent of his needs caused by the ghostly sightings.

By returning, Adam is forced to face his grief again.  He sets up a temporary home in a sprawling B&B operated by Maggie, an elderly Scottish innkeeper.  Maggie has an innate spiritual influence upon people, but she is opposed by the loathsome Native healer, James Graves, who seems to have come to town to stir up trouble - and maybe Lake Superior itself.  As Maggie, Ron, and Adm come to realize Graves is attempting to master the forces of ancient lore and is causing the lake's strange disturbances, they are joined by Gracie Bird, an enigmatic young Native woman, who knows far too well Graves' nefarious intentions.