Chogan and the Winnebago Merchant


Third Grade and Above

(Book 4 in the Chogan series)  Chogan is enjoying his sleep when Kanti awakens him to share a nightmare.  Kanti is trapped in a rabbit hole so dark she cannot see her fingers.  She hears their fiend Takoda moaning in the distance.  Since no one fits in a rabbit hole, Chogan dismisses her dream.

But the nightmares return.  Takoda begs for help from the depths of the rabbit hole.  Kanti is convinced the spirit world is reaching out to her.  Takoda's life is in danger, and she must rescue Takoda with or without Chogan's help.  Unfortunately, Kanti lives along the southern shore of Lake Superior, and Takoda lives far away in the land without trees.

When a traveling band of Winnebago merchants arrive in her village, Kanti trades a fish net for safe passage to the land with no trees.  She secretly departs the following morning.

Grandfather is away for three days, so Chogan must find Kanti and bring her home.  But Chogan is having similar dreams.  When he finds the Winnebago merchants he decides to join Kanti.  He has always wanted to see those purple hills.  If Takoda's life is in danger, that would justify his journey.

Along the way Chogan and Kanti are attacked by an angry buffalo, become lost in the land with no trees, and are kidnapped by a band of Sioux.  Their adventure will provide many tales to tell around future campfires, but to save Takoda's life they must still face Kanti's "Rabbit Hole."