Chogan and the White Feather


Grade 3 and up

(Book 2 in the Chogan series)  Life along the southern shore of Lake Superior would be pleasant, if not for the village bully, and every Indian village had one.  Unfortunately, twelve-year-old Chogan and his ten-year-old sister Kanti have the misfortune of residing in a village with two bullies.  But size isn't everything, and Chogan and Kanti's devious tactics usually get the best of Ahanu and Taregan.  That all changes when Kanti unwittingly bets her prized spear against Ahanu's bear-claw necklace.  If Kanti is to win the wager and reclaim her spear, she will need the assistance of Mishosha (the Magician of the Lake) and Gitche Migizi (an eagle so large men can ride on its back.)

Life becomes even more difficult when Chogan and Kanti come face-to-face with the Windigo - a stretch of river so treacherous villagers named it after a mythical beast that devours human flesh.  During a full moon the wailing of a thousand souls can be heard within Windigo's mournful roar.  If Chogan and Kanti are not careful, their voices will be added to that number.