Chogan and the Sioux Warrior


Third Grade and above

(Book 3 in the Chogan series) Life is peaceful for twelve-year-old Chogan and his ten-year-old-sister, Kanti, until Sioux warriors with hideously painted faces attack their village along the southern shore of Gitche Gumee.  The raiders burn wigwams and overturn meat drying racks, and then escape by canoe - all except for one warrior who retreats into the woods with an arrow embedded in his thigh.  Search parties find no trace of the missing warrior.

While checking his snares, Chogan stumbles upon the missing warrior only to discover the warrior is Takoda - a mere boy no older than Chogan.  With Kanti's help Chogan removes the arrow from Takoda's thigh, saving his life.  Now Chogan and Kanti must conceal Takoda's presence from the angry villagers who seek revenge.

To complicate Chogan's already complicated life, a traveling Winnebago merchant discovers the returning Sioux warriors have lied to their people.  They claim they were victims of an Ojibway ambush, and that the Ojibway captured and tortured Takoda.  Takoda's grandfather, who is chief of the Sioux, is now preparing to avenge his grandson's death.

If Chogan and Kanti are to prevent certain war between two mighty Indian nations, they must deliver Takoda to his grandfather.  They must paddle half way across Gitche Gumee in the dead of night, with only the great Gitche Manitou to assist them.