Chogan and the Gray Wolf


It is 100 years B.C., and life is good for twelve-year-old Chogan and his ten-year-old sister until a grizzly bear terrorizes their Indian village along the southern shore of Lake Superior.  The bear crushes wigwams with its massive weight and destroys precious strips of meat women had hung on racks to dry.  Despite the danger, life must go on if Chogan and his family are to survive.  Chogan and his sister venture into the forest of virgin white pine to check their snares and discover an orphaned wolf pup.  The bear has killed the wolf pup's mother, and has left the pup to die.

Chogan adopts the young wolf knowing he must return the wolf to the wild at the end of the summer.  Under Chogan's care, the wolf pup survives and grows to adulthood.  The time comes when Chogan and the wolf must part and go their separate ways.  The wolf quickly adapts to the wild but never forgets his friend.  Chogan had saved the pup's life, and fate will soon provide the wolf with a chance to return the favor.