Chasing a Blond Moon


(#3 in Woods Cop series)  Once again, Grady Service, the hard-boiled conservation officer for Michigan's Upper Peninsula, has a weird case on his hands.  Strange things are happening to the black bear population.  Service can't pin the phenomenon on anything until a Korean-born professor from Michigan Tech is murdered by cyanide-laced figs, and two freeze-dried bear gall bladders are found among the figs.  Service is certain that poachers are at work, killing bears to fuel the Asian market for traditional medicines.  The animal-parts market is highly organized, and its practitioners are ruthless and dangerous.  Grady's nemesis, Michigan's governor, has cut budgets so severely that there are not enough conservation officers to cover the state.  Service finds himself filling in for colleagues, chasing elusive poachers, and wrestling with suspects, all while trying to puzzle out the identity of an oddly familiar sixteen-year-old boy.