Call to Duty WWII: The Great Lakes Region Responds


On Saturday, December 6, 1941, the United States was a nation divided.  About half of the population felt that war was coming and we needed to fight in it.  The other half felt that isolation was the best policy and we should never again get ourselves caught up in another foreign war.  The voices on both sides were loud and shouted at one another too often.  That divide was suddenly sealed the following day, as bombs and torpedoes exploded at a place called Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Although most Americans had little idea as to where Pearl Harbor was, the fact that our Navy, our ships and our boys had been set upon in a sneak attack by the Japanese awoke a sleeping giant known as the American people and filled it with a terrible resolve.  Ordinary people stepped forward and stood up to do extraordinary things.  In the region of the Great Lakes, regular folks came forward to fight for the cause of freedom across the globe and to answer the call to duty.  This book highlights some of those people who we rightly know today as the greatest generation.  Look closely, someone you know may be in these pages.