The Adventures of Onyx and the Angels of the Air


Sinclair gave a thumbs up. He looked at Onyx and Hogan. Over the whistle of the wind in the cabin, he mouthed the words, "So others may live!" Then he leaped out of the helicopter, free-falling fifteen feet into Lake Michigan

Onyx and the Guardians of the Straits are back in another exciting adventure! During routine helicopter operations with Air Station Traverse City, the Coast Guard is suddenly called to rescue a mother and daughter stranded in Lake Michigan. 

When the Crew spots the capsized sailboat, the Coast Guard rescue swimmer wastes no time. The mother needs immediate medical attention and the little girl is scared, but the rescue swimmer can only bring up one survivor at a time. He has to make a difficult decision. But he is not alone. Onyx the miracle dog proves that being a true Coastie is as much about heart as it is about bravery.