The Northwoods Reader, Vol. 2


Cully Gage's name is synonymous with stories about growing up "up north." Relive the early days through the Northwoods Readers.  They portray people - real people! They live and walk these pages, speak and act as real people speak and act.

There is no pretense, no pumped-up morality, no fairy tale endings.  Characters simply and believably play out their roles, their lives ... they grow up, grow old, die, vanish, go back to the farm or the cabin in the woods or just board the evening train and leave.

You can laugh at them and cry with them.  You will see yourself or those close to you in every paragraph of every page of every story.  "The Reader" is for and about everyone.  You can't possibly be old enough to read without finding yourself in here somewhere.

Cully "captured" people, suspended them in time and space and committed them to paper.  They have found their way to these pages where they can go on living and sharing forever.